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Chiles Advocacy Award

Each year, the Chiles Advocacy Award is presented to a Floridian who has been dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in Florida.  Additionally, candidates who have engaged others to promote policies and programs benefiting children are sought. The recipient of the annual Chiles Advocacy Award exemplifies the integrity, dedication, and commitment to improving the lives of Florida's children and families so nobly demonstrated by Lawton Chiles. 

Each year, the Chiles Award Winner is announced at a banquet on the first Monday of the legislative session. 

Children’s Week Awards Dinner & Reception

2022 Chiles Advocacy Award Winner:
William Douglas Sessions, Jr.



Past Award Winners

2021 Estrelitta "Lo" Berry

2020 Jack Levine

2019 Barbara Mainster

2018 Dr. Wil Blechman

2017 Carol Barnett

2016 Modesto E Abety

2015 William E. Gladstone

2014 Drs. Louis B. and Julia Revell St. Petery

2013 Dr. Gerald L. and Mrs. Audrey Lincourt Schiebler 

2012 Dr. Charles Mahan

2011 George Sheldon

2010 Dick Batchelor

2009 Jim Mills

2008 Maryann Barry

2007 Karen Woodall

2006 Ann Levy

2005 Ed Feaver

2004 Budd Bell

2003 BeBe Furnside

2002 David Lawrence

2001 Linda Merrell

2000 Susan Muenchow

1999 Rhea Chiles

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