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Walkin' Lawton

By John Dos Passos Coggin

Lawton Chiles was one of the most inspirational and influential politicians to come from Florida. His unique campaign style and passion for improving peoples' lives established a legacy that deserves recognition today. John Dos Passos Coggin conducted more than one hundred interviews with the friends, family, and co-workers of Lawton Chiles to create this definitive biography. Coggins' insightful writing based on extensive research illuminates both the political career and personal life of the fascinating Lawton Chiles. The Florida Historical Society Press is proud to publish this important work.

Reader Reviews

"The author compiled an impressive collection of interviews and other primary sources to give a folksy style to an important Florida politician. After reading about Mr. Chiles, one realizes that he was a "last of his breed" Southern Democrat who had a significant influence on President Clinton and other leaders of the party. The author also manages to tell a history of Florida as it transformed to a powerful state on the national stage."

"This book was recommended by a friend - I was otherwise unaware of Lawton Chiles or Florida politics in general. I'm a big fan of this book, it's so immersive you feel like you're there throughout his life and the narrative compels you to keep reading. The author also does a great job of giving you the larger context around the subject so you don't have to be a Florida historian to understand the bigger picture. I highly recommend the book - great read."

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